About Us

Innovation Carnival: Mission

DCB Bank Innovation Carnival is a program to promote the development of financial technology for DCB Bank and its customers with help of Fintech. We are looking forward for innovations in various fields Retail, Lending, Risk management, Trading, Investing, Personal finance, Big-Data, Retail banking, Regulatory compliance, Mobile payments, Security and Enterprise social. In 2017-2018, “DCB Bank Innovation Carnival” has brought together participants like Start-up/FinTech ventures, Institutes, developers & designers to develop financial products and discover new technologies for DCB Bank.


We understand that the future of innovation will involve the combination of home grown and third-party digital products, providing personalized solutions available on demand in all sectors. Government is expanding its digital transformation journey in various sectors e.g. Agriculture , Infrastructure , Education , Technology Adoption , Renewable energy. Innovative Hackathon programs will bring in much require collaboration will be a Radical Change agent for Government.

Under digital transformation journey we intent to move from Not Digital to Basic Digital to Advanced Digital to Extreme Digital i.e. Zero Touch Operations. We look at transformation with people , Process , Technology with an eye on Regulation and External Factors like FinTech & Startups.