Winners of Past Carnivals

Cash Positive

CashPositive, a SME-focused financial technology startup based in Delhi, aims to improve credit management in business-to-business (B2B) commerce. A cloud-application designed for use by various supply chain actors to optimize working capital and by financial institutions to manage credit risk at lower operating costs.


GalaxyCard is the first, truly digital credit card. It completely eliminates the need for any EDC / Swiping machine and gets rid of the multiple payment processing intermediaries. Payments made through the GalaxyCard Network are direct and allow Merchants to cut down MDR by upto 50%. By using e-KYC and Smart Risk Assessment, a new user can get access to a credit line in less than 5 minutes, without any manual intervention. This enables Partner Banks to issue credit lines to customers which they could previously not serve. Paying through GalaxyCard is faster than paying cash, works without internet and unlike wallets, has no limits on transactions.


MarkAltive is an Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot where user can interact with you across channels.